About Seawater Solutions

Seawater Solutions is a partnership predominantly engaged with the conceptual design and specification development for large Seawater Intakes associated with Power and Industrial complexes. This includes large Desalination Plants of all types where seawater is the feed stock and Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants where seawater is the cooling medium. Seawater Solutions works closely with main contractors and consultants where specialist knowledge concerning the screening and treatment of seawater is needed. The Partnership has a long experience of all types of screening installations and has the ability and expertise to advise the best approach to any Seawater intake. We can determine budget costs in advance of seeking bids, we can bench mark intake costs and can assist on intakes using Travelling Band Screens or Rotating Drum Screens for abstraction capacities from 1-500M3/sec.

Members of our team have been involved with such intakes for over 30 years and have firsthand experience in supplying intake screening solutions to some of the largest seawater intakes in the world.

We have worked with consultants and contractors to advise on all aspects of screening both Upstream and Downstream of the pumping station, as well as Raking screens, fixed, travelling or overhead gantry type, in to out and out to in Band and Drum Screens.we can recommend solutions for Automatic pipeline filters, Condenser ball cleaning systems, Electrochlorination equipment and Cathodic protection systems both Sacrificial and Impressed Current types..

Seawater Solutions can advise solutions to minimise CAPEX and minimise running costs. We have worked on BOT and BOO plants and have extensive knowledge of how best to engineer the best possible screening solution.

We have extensive knowledge of large Hydro Electric intakes on Dams rivers and stored catchment schemes, we have worked in Australia, New Zealand Scandinavia and in Scotland on very large Hydro Electric plants.

Seawater Solutions, though it’s regional office in the Middle East or through its UK HQ will work with you at all stages of your project to ensure that the correct equipment is installed at your site. We have extensive knowledge of all of the suppliers of screens and their various specialities and capabilities we can offer you an independent assessment of bids submitted we can prepare bid evaluations initial specifications and we can offer your engineering teams our detailed expertise when and where it is needed.

We specialise in the supplying detailed knowledge or offering advice for the following equipment:-

  • Drum Screens of all types
  • Band Screens of all types
  • Raking Screens, Fixed head, Mobile or Overhead Gantry type
  • Automatic pipeline filters
  • Electrochlorination plant
  • Cathodic protection systems
  • Stopgates
  • Penstocks
  • Sluice Gates
  • Fish Guidance Systems

The Principle partner in Seawater Solutions has operated for over 30 years:-

  • As Sales Director for a leading supplier of Screens and R.O. Plants
  • As Director and General Manager of a group of UK listed Control and Instrumentation companies in the Far East
  • As Business Development Director of a Water Technology Company part of a large Canadian Listed Company
  • Co author of the UKs ENV Evidence publication “ Cooling Water Options for the New Generation of Nuclear Power Stations in the UK SC070015/SR3

Land Drainage Pumping Station

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EC Plant

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